Charnwood live fire

Charnwood LIVE FIRE

‘Charnwood Live Fire’ is a new augmented reality platform that allows you to place a stove in your living room and walk around it to see how it fits into the style of your interior.

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise what a stove would look like in your own home. Our new Live Fire app is a simple solution to this problem. Just place the ‘tag’ in the space where you would like to install the stove, frame it with your smartphone or tablet and then select your stove. Your chosen Charnwood will then appear before you on the screen – fired up and to scale.

Experiment with different colour and stand options and then walk around your chosen stove so you can see it from different angles. You can even take screen shots to email or share online.

The ‘Charnwood Live Fire’ app is free to download and available now from both Apple and Android stores.

Click here to download free from the Apple Store.

Click here to download free from the Play Store.

Click here to print the A4 tag.