Converting Grate

The Charnwood converting grate is the very best grate system on the market. Built into all Skye, Arc, Cove, Island, SLX, C-Four Insert and Country 16b models, the grate can be altered to ensure the most efficient burning conditions.

By operating a lever on the side of the stove, with the tool provided, a series of grate bars can be set into a closed, flat bed position (the most efficient way to burn wood) or to an open grate for ultra efficient burning of smokeless  fuels. This grate also acts as a highly effective riddling mechanism, neatly dropping the ash into the wall-to-wall pan below for clean disposal. Because the grate is operated externally all of these manoeuvres can be carried out with the doors closed and when the stove is fully loaded and under fire.

Charnwood Multi-fuel grate position 1

Converting grate in coal burning position showing air flow

Charnwood Multi-fuel grate position 2

Converting grate in wood burning position showing air flow