SIA Eco Design Ready

Stove Industry Alliance

Charnwood is a member of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). The SIA is an alliance of manufacturers, distributors, advisory/test house bodies and other interested parties who sell stoves, both space heaters and boiler stoves, as well as flue, chimney products and fuel.

Eco Design

Ecodesign is a new European-wide programme to lower emissions and improve air quality. It will become mandatory for all stoves by 2022. Charnwood and some of the key manufacturers within the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) have risen to this challenge and have designed a number of stoves that meet the Ecodesign criteria now. These stoves carry the label ‘SIA EcoDesign Ready’ which are independently verified by HETAS.

‘Ecodesign Ready’ stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves available today and benefit from:

Low particle emissions – 90% better than open fires, and between 80-84% better than older stoves. Low co emissions, high efficiencies, improved flame picture.

By choosing an SIA Ecodesign ready stove you are helping to cut harmful emissions and improve air quality. Charnwood models that already meet these requirements are marked with the ‘Ecodesign Ready’ emblem.

For a full list of Charnwood models that are Ecodesign Ready click here

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