Our Buying Policy

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service, exceptional quality and outstanding results.

From the parts and materials we use, through to the building and delivery process, our commitment to quality is at the very heart of our ethos. The bodies of all of our stoves are British-built, using the best combination of materials for durability and design aesthetics.

In our quest for the highest quality we source our raw materials from only the very best companies. We aim to build strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can be confident in their quality.

island I wood burning stove

To maintain our high standards, we buy British wherever possible.

It is our view that it is environmentally unsustainable to transport heavy materials around the world, on the grounds of small savings, when the world’s finest materials are available here in the UK.

Prioritising quality over cost


For us, and for our customers, we look for quality above cost. After all, the purchase of a Charnwood is an excellent long-term investment and will be the focus of your home for many years to come, long after the memory of what you paid for it has gone.

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