Charnwood questions FAQ

Yes. If your stove has a sprayed matt finish we can supply a DIY paint pack consisting of two aerosol cans of high temperature paint and templates to mask off the glass. We offer a choice of eight colours: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Almond, Pewter, Bronze and Gunmetal.

We recommend fitting a Charnwood flue pipe thermometer: a simple device that attaches to the flue pipe of your stove. This tells you whether you are over-firing or under-firing your stove and you can adjust the burning rate accordingly.

We manufacture a number of integral boiler stoves that can heat domestic hot water and up to approximately 10 radiators. For many of our models we also offer add-in boilers and flue boilers for heating domestic hot water and/or radiators.

Yes. Wood should be cut, split and left to season in a dry, well ventilated area for at least one year. You can generally tell if a log is dry because the bark will come away easily in the hand and the log will have splits across the grain. Investing in a Charnwood Moisture Metre is a good way of testing your logs – if the moisture content is less than 25% they are ready to burn.

If you find that your chimney is in poor condition then expert advice from your stove installer should be sought on the necessity of having it lined. If it is necessary to line the chimney then a lining suitable for solid fuel must be used.

The Charnwood stove calculator on our website is a helpful guide. Your stove installer will also be able to advise on site.

Stoves with a heat output of over 5KW require additional ventilation. This can be supplied via a permanent vent to the room. Some of our models offer the option to duct combustion air directly into the appliance.

Providing your stove has a multi-fuel grate fitted there are a number of smokeless fuels that are approved for burning on stoves.

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