Charnwood Vertical Rear Flue Adaptor


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Stove Accessories

A vertical rear flue adaptor is available for all Aire, Skye, Arc, Island, Cove, C-Series, Bembridge and Country models.

This enables you to position the stove further out into the room: away from the wall behind. This will add a depth to the stove of between 115 -196mm depending on the model.

Enhance the performance and versatility of your Charnwood stove

Ideal for homes that are short on space, this Charnwood vertical rear flue adaptor will allow you to remove the flue from the back of your stove.

  • Available for all Charnwood Cove, Island, C-Series and Country models
  • Adds a depth of 186mm to the stove

Stove Accessories

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