On the 5th August 2021 a number of our employees took part in the Cycle to Work Day. As part of our company’s commitment to Net Zero 2050 we agreed to partner up with The Woodland Trust and plant a tree for every 10 miles cycled. True to British tradition the summer weather didn’t disappoint and we experienced some very heavy rain on the day but this band of brave souls managed to clock up 214 miles between them – equating to 21 trees!

We hope to repeat this event again very soon to encourage our employees to use their cars less. The weather will hopefully be kinder next time so we can persuade more people to participate  and in turn plant more trees!

Did you know?

The average person in the UK is responsible for at least 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year. So when it comes to climate change native woods and trees are one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis. Check out this short film from The Woodland Trust

Charnwood’s Commitment to Net Zero 2050

We have always put sustainability at the forefront of our principles and the idea of being ‘green’ extends past the manufacturing process to every aspect of the company; from choosing raw materials, recycling packaging and even how we transport our materials and products. We are ISO 14001 accredited, Fors Bronze (A fleet Operator recognition Scheme), and working towards ISO 45001. We are looking to become Net Zero 2050 as we feel this is an inevitable step for all companies and we would like to lead the way in a domain that we are passionate about.