1) Treehouses have such an interesting history as safe dwellings for tribes such as the Korwoaj in Papua New Guinea and as representations of freedom and beauty in the Renaissance gardens of the 16th Century. What do treehouses mean to you?

We see Treehouses as a magical escape from everyday life and a chance to tap into the inner child’s sense of adventure. Our Treehouses are in a beautiful and private location, surrounded by trees and nature and with no WIFI our guests can really switch off from the hustle and bustle; a real treat in this day and age.

2) Can you tell me a little about what inspires the interiors of your treehouses?

We wanted to give each Treehouse a unique character and feel. Integrating the landscape and views into this was paramount to the design; the huge windows and sympathetic timber cladding draw the landscape into the interior. Goldfinch with its botanical wallpapers and muted greens has a wonderful woodland feel. Chiffchaff has a more rustic bothy vibe and the Scandi chic, Wren, uses natural materials and textures throughout.

3) What inspired the names of your tree houses?

The birdlife around The Treehouses at both Leckie and Lanrick is spectacular so we took inspiration from some of the species that can be seen here. Our guests loving making use of the bird books to identify all the different birds.

4) The landscape of Perthshire is inescapably beautiful. How would you describe to to someone that has not visited what they may expect?

Despite being within an hour of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Stirlingshire and Perthshire feel incredible remote and wild with rolling hills and beautiful lochs and woodlands. The Trossachs National Park is stunning and right on our doorstep giving our guests the chance to explore the hills and lochs they are home to.

5) How important are the wood-burning stoves to the treehouse experience?

The wood burning stoves are an integral part of the treehouse experience. Being in Scotland, the weather can be less than desirable but having the wood burning stoves makes the treehouses not only incredibly cosy but also adds atmosphere.

In the winter months we always try and light the stoves before our guests arrive, it creates a beautifully warm and welcoming environment which instantly makes our guests feel at home.


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