Willow Cottage is both a photography/film location and a unique homestay. Its charming interiors have featured in publications such as Conde Nast Traveller and Country Homes & Interiors as well as attracting visitors from near and far. Charnwood were delighted to supply our Island I wood-burning stove which brings real warmth and comfort to this gorgeous little cabin.

Read on to learn more about Willow Cottage and why Charnwood fits perfectly.

This gorgeous rustic little cabin is located at the bottom of the garden on the grounds of Foster House in Rye, South East England. It is self-contained behind a picket fence and elegant New England Style gates. A luxurious ‘shabby chic’ interior with a rough wooden floor and a small Everhot Aga-style cooker is complemented by a Charnwood Island I wood-burning stove.

At the back, it opens onto a secret garden with decked and shingled areas and flower-filled raised beds. A conservatory and hot tub allow guests to absorb the peace and tranquility of this magical secluded retreat.

It’s such an evocative location and one can imagine lazy mornings with breakfast in the magnificent 4-poster bed, sunlight pouring in, the sounds of nature and of course a roaring fire in the evening after a blissful day.

Well-being well and truly restored.

Charnwood Island I

The all-new Island I is the smallest stove in the Island collection and is perfectly suited to the space at Willow Cottage.

Its uncomplicated looks and gentle curves ensure it sits well in any situation; be it modern or traditional. It can take a log length of up to 370mm (14.5”) and with a rated output of 5kW the Island I, in certain situations, can be installed without the need for external air. This stove meets Clean Air Act requirements and boasts an efficiency of over 85% and an extremely low smoke particle level of 9mg/m3 (the Ecodesign limit is 40mg/m3).

With groundbreaking new burn technology, the Island I not only meets Defra exemption limits (allowing wood to be burnt cleanly in smoke control areas) but vastly exceeds the new 2022 Ecodesign standards.

Cultivating a deeper connection to nature

Much like taking a trip to the Rye countryside, using a woodstove gives its owners a deeper connection to nature. Collecting firewood, chopping and preparing a stove feels primal and awakens a natural sensibility.

Below are some quotes from our customers from a recent well-being survey that highlights this connection.

“Worked in forestry for 36 years, just a natural thing to do, can’t beat a real fire.”

“Chopping and stacking wood is very calming and lets my mind focus on that one task. Building, lighting and getting the fire to the perfect temperature does the same and gives a real sense of achievement. It all makes me feel closer to nature.”

“For me, sitting around a real fire has a deep connection to something ancient.”

“There’s something deeply Primeval about lighting a fire and benefiting from its heat. Every time you light it there is a deep sense of satisfaction”

“Splitting logs gets me outside and keeps me active, which is good for my body and mind. There’s also a great sense of satisfaction in getting the wood pile ready for winter, and I’ve also learned a lot about different types of wood and how to manage trees sustainably.”

“Watching the stove in full display is almost hypnotic and has great relaxing properties. It also has a back-to-nature feel and without any electrical devices in the room is perfect for de-stressing.”

Ready to take the next step?

Whether you’re ready to buy or just want to discuss your options, we strongly recommend that you contact an official Charnwood stockist, where the before and after-sales support will be of a standard approved by us.


If you wish to stay at the cottage you can make a booking here!