Winter is the season all wood-burning stove owners look forward to. With night’s drawing in and temperatures dropping it’s time for the wonderful ritual of wood-burning. Lighting a fire on a cold evening provides the perfect antidote to the elements and can dramatically boost your wellbeing. To enjoy the season to the max it’s important for stove users, particularly new users, to be aware of the following tips so that you and your family can enjoy your stove over the holiday season safely.

1/ Sweep your chimney 1-2 times a year

It’s important to keep your flue clear of blockages and soot and we highly recommend you have your chimney swept at least once a year – preferably twice. A Charnwood stove is fitted with a drop-down throat plate allowing you to sweep through the appliance with minimal mess.

2/ Inspect door seals

Take the opportunity to regularly check the rope seals on the doors and around the flue to ensure your fire box is airtight and the doors close firmly. A well-sealed stove will burn much more efficiently and effectively and significantly reduce any build up in your chimney.

3/ Don’t stack wood against your wood-burning stove

As well as being a dangerous fire hazard it can bring in unwanted outdoor critters. It’s best to store outside, sheltered from the elements and with enough airflow to allow the wood to continue to dry until it is ready to use.

4/ Keep decorations a safe distance away from the fire

This is easily overlooked, particularly as the focus is on merriment and preparing the home for festivity. However, it’s imperative to make sure that Christmas stockings, tinsel, candles and trees etc are kept a safe distance away from a fire and your safe clearances are maintained.

5/ Only burn wood with less than 20% moisture

Look out for the Woodsure Ready to Burn label which guarantees a moisture content of 20% or less. For everything you need to know about firewood click here!

6/ Don’t put candles on top of log burners

Not only can it cause a huge mess and ruin a perfectly nice candle, but it will damage your stove and is a fire hazard as well.

7/ Test your carbon monoxide meter regularly

Many household appliances present a carbon monoxide risk. A properly installed stove shouldn’t cause any problems and in fact, should help with circulation and airflow. However, it is prudent to have a fully functioning carbon monoxide meter in the home whether you have a stove or not.

8/ Double check your fireplace’s safety clearances

For all the info needed read: Setting Clearances & Installing Heat Shields for your fireplace.


There’s no doubt that a wood-burning stove makes winter not only bearable but also a joyous time to be shared with family and friends. We hope these tips help you enjoy a wonderfully warm holiday season that leaves you feeling refreshed in the new year.