Quattroflow® Air Management System

Charnwood's revolutionary air management system

The Quattroflow Air Management System is a revolutionary air management system patented by Charnwood and used on the Aire, SkyeArcCoveIslandBayBembridge and C-Series models.

Efficient burning and optimum control

Using a number of air chambers, the single control introduces the right amount of air into just the right places for ultra efficient burning and optimum control.

Pull out to increase the burning rate – push in to slow it down. An outside air supply can be channeled directly into the stove through the rear of the Quattroflow box.



Primary Air Vent for faster/slower burning

Secondary Air Vent for clean glass and double combustion

Tertiary Air Vent for optimum combustion and efficiency

By-Pass Air Vent reduces condensation when burning overnight

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