We love December and the magic, tradition and festivities it brings. Nowhere is that magic stronger than in the Cotswolds at Charlie and Josie’s beautifully restored Grade II listed 14th Century home. We recently made our annual pilgrimage to visit them and film roaring log fires and the cosiest of festive decors. We even ended up featuring in Josies’ Vlogmas episode which you can check out below!

Read on for some behind the scenes fun and why a wood stove really brings the Christmas feels!

Fireplace dressing 

There are so many ways to dress a fireplace and we think you’ll agree that Charlie and Josie have achieved an absolutely stunning result! Their attention to detail and bauble strategising was totally worth it. You can’t help but feel in the Christmas spirit in a space like this – Father Christmas will be pleased to visit! 

At the same time as getting into full festive swing, it’s good to consider some ‘Elf and Safety measures’ and we have just the right blog for you!  8 Tips For Wood-Stove Users Over The Holiday Season 

The wood-burning stove lifestyle 

From collecting wood from the store, to building a fire and enjoying the unique bone warming heat that emanates, the process of owning a stove is a delight that puts you back in touch with yourself. 

Charnwood’s rich heritage 

Charnwood is over 50 years old, so despite the fun banter in the video, we can confirm Ced is not a founder, but he is one of the current directors and part of the 3rd generation of family to run the business. The ethos remains as strong as ever with a passion for British Made products (on the sunny Isle of Wight) using British materials. To find out more about the company’s history click here. 

Lights, camera, action 

Initially, there was a fair bit of cloud and natural light was lacking for the shoot. Thankfully Reuben, our fantastic videographer, had some tricks up his sleeve. He used some powerful video lighting, shot from outside, to create a really lovely low winter ray of sunshine through the window to light the fireplace. 

Fortunately, light improved, and the shoot was blessed with a rather fabulous sunset, which spurred Reuben into action. He fired up his drone and took to the skies filming the gorgeous old church against a beautiful winter sunset backdrop. 

Whilst lighting is important in a photoshoot it can be even more so in our everyday lives. The beautiful warm glow created by a wood-burning stove can help illuminate the dark winter evenings. Helping you create your own cosy winter ambience, that soothes the soul and lifts your spirits. 

Beyond aesthetics 

There are a range of Charnwood wood-burning stoves throughout this beautiful property providing a warmth that truly makes a home feel like a home.  

Beyond aesthetics, there are so many other reasons to invest in a stove for your home. Including energy independence and security, significant well-being benefits, supplementing other renewables, off grid living etc. Here is a blog that outlines in detail some of the many other reasons people choose to install a wood-burning stove.   


Here’s what our customers have to say 

These Charnwood customer quotes give great insight into owning a stove and why they are such an important part of their winter lifestyle! 

“I find the process of building and lighting the fire therapeutic and sitting watching the flames is very relaxing.” 

“Something the whole family enjoy doing together and it makes us all feel incredibly relaxed and happy.” 

“It’s a ritual on Christmas morning to rekindle the stove, and to unwrap the presents without a fire is unthinkable. There’s something magical about children in their pyjamas sitting on the rug in the cosy space in front of a blazing stove.” 

“My young nephew visited at Christmas & we built the fire together. It was the first time he had ever lit a real fire. We celebrated with toasting marshmallows! It wasn’t just building a fire – it was building a memory.” 

“After a day of sledging and building snowmen and having snowball fights with the family it was very relaxing and comforting for us all to warm up in front of the fire.” 

“My grandchildren ask for the fire to be on when they are having a hot chocolate on a frosty day.” 

“The stove is the catalyst for family bonding, which helps with relaxation & mood improvement. It helps to unwind after a days exertions at work.” 

“Christmas spent with all the family and grandchildren gathered around our stove brings happy memories all year round.” 

(Source: Charnwood Well-being Survey) 


Finally, from everyone at Charnwood, we wish you the merriest and toastiest of Christmas’s!