We are delighted and honoured to have received a King’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category. The King’s Award is the UK’s most prestigious business award given to only a select number of businesses each year. The award is a recognition of the amazing efforts of everyone here at AJ Wells and Sons and also our wider Charnwood family which includes you, our customers. Thank you for all the support you have given us over the years!

Read on to learn more about why we were chosen to receive The King’s Award for Enterprise 2024

A journey of innovation and adaptation

Our story is one of constant evolution. Founded in 1972, Alfred J Wells and his 3 sons started by making metal fire escapes and railings. With the 1970s oil crisis and a shift in customer needs, AJ Wells & Sons pivoted to design and craft their first wood-burning stove and Charnwood was born. That same adaptability led them to explore vitreous enamel signage when the King’s Cross fire disaster highlighted its importance for safety and durability. These experiences instilled the importance of staying agile and embracing new opportunities, such as our stunning Vlaze super vitrified outdoor kitchens, released in 2020.

One constant over time and across our businesses, however, has been a drive to make a positive difference. We create products that are built to last, designed to be easily repaired, and that are kind to the environment – a reflection of our core values and commitment to sustainability.

The AJ Way: Our guiding principles


Our faith and our family values are at the heart of everything we do. The AJ Way, our company philosophy, embodies this spirit. Our company objectives are to Transform Lives and Delight Customers, and the prestigious recognition of the Kings Award hopefully demonstrates our progress towards these aims. We strive to improve the quality of life for everyone we touch, by creating high-quality products and nurturing a positive work environment. We care sincerely about the environment and are working diligently towards our Net Zero 2050 commitment.

Our international success is a testament to teamwork

We understand the importance of striking a balance between our domestic market and our export endeavours. The UK remains incredibly important to us, offering stability and a familiar landscape. However, exporting has been key to our growth and provided valuable diversification and growth opportunities.

We now operate extensively throughout Europe and trade with South Africa, North America, Japan, and Australia. Our success abroad wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic team and dedicated partners. Building trust and strong relationships is paramount to our success in each location and in each market, we’ve been blessed to find partners who share our values and vision.

We have also gained valuable insights and knowledge from operating internationally. For example, the demand for external air features in Japanese stoves led to an innovation that benefited customers worldwide. In Australia, an increased focus on efficiency, understanding design preferences and meeting logistical challenges, has fueled rapid growth while providing ideas and knowledge that translate well to other markets.

Investing in the future and striving for excellence


At AJ Wells & Sons, we’re committed to continuous improvement to ensure our products stand out in a crowded marketplace. While market share figures can be interesting, our true focus is on exceeding our own targets and achieving dominance in specific markets. 

Our recent investments in advanced laser profiling and robotic welding equipment, ensure we remain at the forefront of British manufacturing. We’re also investing heavily in our people by fostering a culture of innovation and development. Looking to the future, we’re exploring other markets, seeking ways to expand our reach and positive impact. 

Some of our other highlights of 2023/24 

Here are some of the other highlights, news and outstanding projects our businesses have been involved with in 2023/24.  

AJ Wells 

The Surface Design Awards 


We were delighted to win top spot in the Commercial Building Exterior category at the Surface Design Awards 2024! A.J Wells and Sons designed, developed, manufactured and installed the beautiful vitreous enamel external soffit on the sixth floor of the award-winning project, at The Rowe, Whitechapel, London.

Brent Cross West Station


A.J Wells and Sons are proud to have manufactured and installed the stunning vitreous enamel paneling of Giles Round’s artwork at Brent Cross West mainline train station. Renowned British artist Giles Round was commissioned to create a captivating artwork to adorn the station’s interior. Titled “Time passes & still I think of you,” this expansive architectural frieze graces The Arbour, the station’s eastern entrance, marking the fifth public artwork commissioned for Brent Cross Town.

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At Progetto Fueco 2024, this year’s star attraction was undoubtedly the debut of our brand-new Skye E700 wood-burning stove, which wowed attendees. The Skye E700 is a new intelligent microprocessor-controlled stove set to revolutionize the way we burn wood. The E700 uses electronic control to constantly monitor the fire and make automatic adjustments to ensure wood is always burnt cleanly and efficiently. It offers users the convenience of just loading the fire, setting the room temperature using the Charnwood app and letting the stove do the rest. Maximising efficiency is now as simple as that – we can’t wait to see how this game-changer impacts the industry!

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This year we introduced our upgraded Vlaze Adapt outdoor kitchen cabinetry. Innovative 60 and 120-module units offer endless configurations making it easier than ever to design and install your perfect outdoor kitchen diner. New internal features like pull-out bins and smooth-gliding drawers, maximise convenience. Plus, our grill cabinets seamlessly fit slide-in gas grills, expanding your cooking horizons. With the summer not far away it’s time to let the fresh air, sunshine, and the aroma of delicious food create unforgettable moments with family & friends.

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We also revealed our new Nature Collection organic colour range which is perfect for those who want to add colour, but seek a more subtle approach. Soft, stylish, natural shades blend seamlessly with your garden environment and help create a truly unique and tranquil space.

Here are some detail shots of Sage, Clay and Chalk – subtle shades in glorious vitreous enamel!  

A message of gratitude  

Like most businesses, we have faced many challenges and uncertainties over the last few years and as we highlighted in our application it has been our faith in Jesus which has proved to be our rock. This King’s Award for Enterprise is a tremendous honour and a humbling recognition of the incredible dedication and hard work put in by our entire AJ Wells & Sons family. We’re incredibly grateful to our team, our partners, and our loyal customers around the world. Here’s to many more years of crafting exceptional products, building strong and meaningful relationships, and making a positive difference! 

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