We are proud to amplify the Stove Industry Association (SIA) and their excellent article that highlights the many benefits of having a modern wood stove in the home. We encourage you to visit the SIA website to read the full article and learn more about the SIA’s valuable work. 

Here, we will look at some of the key takeaways!   

General benefits & wellbeing 

Modern sustainable wood-burning stoves offer a low-emission and highly efficient way to heat your home. When used correctly, they contribute to a reduced carbon footprint while warming your main living space with ease. This gentle radiant heat extends throughout your property, creating a consistently comfortable living environment. 

A real fire can help promote feelings of warmth and security and provides a focal point for the whole family,  benefiting mental wellbeing.  

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Anti-mould and damp 

They’re highly effective at heating your space which combats drafts and cold spots, creating a consistently warm environment. Additionally, they help circulate air and ventilate your property, helping reduce condensation and moisture buildup, a common issue in older homes.  

A roaring stove typically draws air and moisture from the room it’s in, before evaporating and expelling it through the chimney system. This can help alleviate the formation of mold and damp, creating a healthier and more comfortable living space. 

Fuel security & independence 

A wood-burning stove provides independence from the grid, ensuring you can heat your home even during power cuts. And unlike fluctuating mains energy bills, with a pre-purchased fuel supply, you gain control and cost-efficiency, knowing exactly what you’re using/paying to stay warm. 

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The SIAs key facts on PM & Carbon Emissions 

“There is a world of difference between an open fire and a modern stove designed for precision combustion and maximum efficiency. Switching from an open fire to a modern stove will reduce PM emissions by up to 90%.”  

“Scaremongering tactics about “domestic combustion” as a whole are unhelpful. Modern Ecodesign compliant stoves burning dry wood make up a tiny fraction of UK particulate matter emissions – less than 0.1% in fact. Source: NAEI 

“Using dry wood fuel is both sustainable and renewable; wood logs have the lowest carbon emissions factor of any domestic heating fuel at 0.01 kg CO2e per kWh. That’s 1/20th the carbon emissions of natural gas or electricity and 1/29th that of oil. Source: gov.uk 

“Burning dry wood (e.g. Ready to Burn certified) in a Ecodesign compliant stove (e.g. clearSkies certified) makes up just 0.09% of total UK PM2.5 emissions. Source: NAEI. Take care when choosing your appliance and your fuel to ensure that you minimise emissions and maximise efficiency.” 

Read more here: https://www.charnwood.com/news/smoke-and-mirrors-exposing-the-flawed-data-behind-the-war-on-wood-stoves/  

Biodiversity & the wood fuel industry  


Choosing locally sourced wood fuel supports small businesses, reduces transportation emissions, and contributes to the health of our woodlands. 

Sustainable wood management is crucial for maintaining their health and diversity, while helping reduce wildfires and providing a vital habitat for wildlife. By choosing responsibly sourced fuel, you can contribute to a more resilient ecosystem. 

“Unmanaged woodland is bad for wildlife. At present 42% of UK woodland is unmanaged. Source: Small Woods Association 


These are just some of the many reasons to consider getting a wood burning stove. For even more reasons, check out this article here. However, if you’ve heard enough you can click here for help choosing the right stove for your home.