After a long tough year, we are all starting to feel the urge to nestle down and hibernate so that we feel restored for the new year. The onset of winter, with temperatures plummeting and days drawing in, depriving us of much-needed light, can be ominous for many. However, believe it or not, there are some who not only tolerate the season well but actively look forward to it – wood-burning stove owners!

After all, a wood-burning stove provides the perfect antidote to the cold and darkness; and yet a wood-burning stove is much more than just a heating device. The recent Charnwood Wellbeing Survey provides some fascinating insight into life with a stove. Relating to Christmas and the holiday period, participants detailed the huge impact a stove made on their experience. Providing a unique warmth and light that lifts spirits and restores the body, while being the perfect focal point to gather around for present sharing and game playing. Helping families form those core memories that last and sustain a lifetime and building traditions that encourage a coming together and a sense of reconnection year after year.

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Making special occasions even more special

Below are some survey responses from Charnwood owners.

“Christmas Day spent with all the family and grandchildren gathered around our stove brings happy memories all year round.”

“Christmas especially. The stove just provides a much-needed atmosphere on a cold winter’s night. You feel relaxed, cosy and there is something about it that just welcomes you into the living room. I couldn’t live without it.”

“It’s a ritual on Christmas morning to rekindle the stove, and to unwrap the presents without a fire is unthinkable. There’s something magical about children in their pyjamas sitting on the rug in the cosy space in front of a blazing stove.”

“My young nephew visited at Christmas & we built the fire together. It was the first time he had ever lit a real fire. We celebrated with toasting marshmallows! It wasn’t just building a fire – it was building a memory.”

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Peace of mind

The inclement weather can naturally make us feel a little more vulnerable and with recent gas price rises and supply issues, those worries are perhaps a little more valid than usual. Stove owners report, however, that they benefit from the peace of mind gained from having a backup power source.

“We love our log burner. It makes us feel warm, safe and secure. It helps heat the whole house, which has proved an asset in power cuts. Nothing beats sitting in the living room with the warmth of the fire in the depths of winter.”

“Lighting the stove after a walk by the sea during winter is a joyful experience. Has helped to alleviate the worry of power failures as we live in an area prone to electricity outages during bad weather. Just knowing that we have our lovely stove for independent heat and low light is fab.”

“Having a wood burner means I am less vulnerable in power cuts. I can still have heating, boil a kettle, cook food if I need to.”

If you’d like a stove as a backup or main source of heat but thought you couldn’t have one without a traditional fireplace – Vlaze and Charnwood offer the solution!

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A wood-burning stove is much more than just a heating device. Preparing a stove and experiencing its unique heat with the family has a hugely positive impact on wellbeing and helps ensure the most Christmassy of Christmases. If you’ve been dreading the months ahead, a wood-burning stove could change your perspective on winter…

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Pro Christmas Tip: When you pack the decorations away this year, add a bottle of something festive and enough money for a takeaway so that you have a treat for when the task comes around again.