Charnwood recently surveyed over 1000 wood-burning stove users to better understand stove accessory preferences. Many interesting and useful insights were gained, including wood-stove users’ top 7 must-have stove accessories!

Read on to learn about the Charnwood Stove Accessory Survey and the top wood-burning stove accessories you should consider next!

Stove accessories are an important consideration for wood-burning stove owners. Not only do they help you ensure the optimal running of your stove, but they look great too! From vintage pokers to contemporary log storage, there are so many to choose from. That is why we asked the Charnwood wood-burning stove community to share their ‘must-have’ stove accessories.

The Top 7 ‘Must-Have’ Stove Accessories.

The following quotes are from Charnwood wood-burning stove owners.

1/ Log Storage/Basket

This is a great accessory, especially if you plan to burn wood in your Charnwood Stove on a regular basis. It helps keep your logs and kindling organised so they are ready for use at any time.

“Having a full wood basket during these crazy days makes me feel safe and secure, whatever happens I know I have heat and hot water and light.”

“Keeps all the logs tidy and looks great beside the stove. Also useful for carrying in logs from the store outside!”

“It reminds me of my grandparents’ days as they always had one. It also keeps all my logs safe and tidy away from the children.”

“It adds to the ambient feeling of the room when partially or fully loaded but I suppose more importantly it stops me from having to pop outside too frequently to get more logs, thus letting me enjoy the fire uninterrupted.”

“It saves us fighting about who is going to get more logs when it’s cold!”

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2/ Stove Pipe Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential piece of equipment that allows accurate monitoring of your stove’s temperature. This helps burn wood efficiently, protecting your stove and chimney, while reducing emissions and maximising heat output.

“Makes it so much easier to see if my fire is working at optimum temperature and if I need to adjust amount of wood/air flow.”

“It means that I always burn my logs in the most economical and environmentally friendly way.”

“I hadn’t realised just how hot the stove gets at full output making this an essential piece of it when topping it up with firewood.”

“It allows me to regulate my stove temperature to maximise the life of the stove and have efficient burning of my wood”

“Ensures the fire is hot enough to keep down the accumulation of creosote. Wouldn’t be without it!”

“I constantly use it to check that the stove is burning in its optimum range for efficiency and to prevent damage and tarring.”

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3/ Stove Gloves

Good quality heat resistant stove gloves are a necessity for protecting your hands from burns and splinters.

“Without them it would be very difficult and dangerous to use the burner”

“Provides confidence in 100% protection when refueling the stove.”

“Just love them, total safety when loading the stove”

“Offers safety when handling logs, opening & closing stove and promotes attention to avoiding burns.”

“They just make life so much easier handling logs and placing logs in the stove. No splinters or burns!”

Watch this space – Charnwood stove gloves are on the way!

4/ Dustpan & Brush

A dustpan and brush are essential for keeping the area around your stove clean. We recommend a metal version so that you can be confident when dealing with any errant hot embers.

“It makes emptying the stove so much easier and cleaner, the house is relatively dust free after clearing.”

“Keeping the hearth clean and tidy stops ash and debris, from the stove and wood pile underneath it, from spreading to the floor and messing up the room.”

“Whenever the stove is used it is necessary to clean up small amounts of ash that fall out. The brush and pan are thus used very frequently.”

“The dustpan & brush makes removing the ash so much easier, our charnwood is used every day from October to February so we collect a lot of ash which we use as compost.”

5/ Poker

A poker is great to have on hand when you need to move logs around to ensure an even burn.

“An absolute must have accessory to reposition burning logs and coal.”

“Can re-arrange wood in the stove when going, safely.”

“Brilliant for getting fire going”

“I can poke the logs to get maximum burn.”

“Great to look at, well made and does the job perfectly.”

“You can move the logs about to create space and so regulate heat a bit better.”

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6/ Ash bin/carrier

Having an ash bin or carrier is important for easy and mess-free disposal of ash and embers. Once you use one, you won’t want to do without!

“Easy to use. Metal. Compact. Stops dust flying around. Carry handle is useful.”

“I have two Charnwood stoves. One has the ash bin/carrier and the other doesn’t. It’s SO difficult to get the ash out of the stove that doesn’t have the ash bin/carrier.”

“It is a safe and clean way of dealing with the only downside to a log burner, the ash.”

“Makes it easy to empty ashes no fear of dropping them all over the floor.”

“Makes it more convenient to remove ash over several days without having to fill smaller bin bags thus reducing plastic waste.”

“Easy to use with minimal dust released when moving around can hold at least 1 month’ worth of ash.”

“Simplifies the worst job – cleaning out the ashes and getting them to the bin without being covered in ash from head to foot in a gust of wind.”

Charnwood ash carriers are available here.

7/ Tongs

Tongs are great pieces of equipment to have around the stove. They can help you move logs or stoke the fire safely and they look great too!

“Can’t beat a good solid pair of tongs for keeping away from the heat and flames, whilst topping up the stove.”

“I can position logs to maximum effectiveness.”

“Handy for falling logs.”

“Fantastic for putting more wood in when the stove is really hot!”

“Looks rustic and very useful”

“Allows me to place logs where I want them in my stove, but it is also the most universal tool”

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Having the right stove accessories can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your Charnwood Stove. We hope this list helps you choose. Happy Burning!

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