Charnwood Country 4 Woodburning Stove
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Charnwood Country 4 Woodburning Stove
Charnwood Country 4 Woodburning Stove Almond
Charnwood Country 4 Woodburning Stove Black

Country Family

The Charnwood Country collection is our well established range of traditional wood and multi-fuel burning appliances. Our Country stoves have acquired an excellent reputation over the years having been installed in tens of thousands of homes across the globe. The single door Country 4 has gained an almost cult following, whilst the distinct double angled doors, of the other Country models, has established this range as a true classic:

Country 4

The Country 4 is the smallest model in the wood & multi-fuel room heating collection, yet still incorporates the ingenious features of the larger stoves. It is a neat, sturdy, yet graceful little fire and with a rated output of 4.8kW can be installed in certain situations, without the need for external air. The single door gives a complete and clear view of the fire and features a spinning primary air wheel for optimum control over the burning rate. In spite of its size, the Country 4 takes a decent sized log length of 330mm (13”) making it a very popular choice in the small stove market.

An optional back boiler can be fitted to heat your domestic hot water or a couple of small radiators. We also offer an easily fitted drop-in riddling grate should you wish to burn coal or smokeless fuels. A small clip-on front shelf can also be fitted and we now offer an optional decorative front fence for a more traditional look. This stove may burn wood logs in smoke control areas if fitted with a smoke reduction kit.

4.8kW (range 2-5.5kW)

Plate steel, cast iron, ceramic glass

Cleanburn airwash technology >>

Cool-to-touch for safe and easy reloading

Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove

Smoke reducing kit available for DEFRA exemption for burning wood in smoke control areas >>

Reciprocating drop in grate for burning solid fuels >>

Add in boiler for a small radiator/domestic hot water

Flue boiler >>

Clip-on shelf

Decorative front fence

Vertical rear flue adaptor >>

Choice of 8 colours >>