Defra Exemption

DEFRA exempt wood-burning stoves

DEFRA approved stoves have undergone comprehensive testing and been deemed to meet the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs’ criteria for emissions levels and smoke production. DEFRA approved stoves are usually modified to ensure they always provide the minimum level of combustion air, which means the wood burns efficiently without producing unnecessary levels of smoke.

Many of our stoves are smoke reducing or can be fitted with a smoke reducing kit making them DEFRA exempt, allowing you to burn wood logs on the appliance in smoke control areas.



Why do I need a DEFRA approved stove?

If you live in a UK city, or large town that is classified as a Smoke Controlled Area, you will need a DEFRA Smoke Exempt Appliance to allow you to burn wood without breaking the law. Even if you don’t live in a Smoke Controlled Area, a DEFRA approved stove is a great choice if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly, neighbour-friendly wood burner.

What’s more, your chimney and flue system will stay cleaner for much longer due to the lower quantities of smoke produced.


DEFRA Exempt Charnwood Stoves


The following Charnwood stoves are DEFRA exempt:

Aire 5   Arc 5   Arc 7   Bay VL   Bembridge  C-Four    C-Four Insert    C-Five    C-Six    C-Seven    C-Eight    C-Four blu    C-Five blu    C-Six blu    C-Seven blu    C-Eight   Country 4 blu   Cove 1sr   Cove 2sr   Cove 2 blu   All New Island I (AP)   All New Island II  (BP)   Island I (mk 2)   Island II (mk 2)   Island III (mk 2)   Skye 5   Skye 7   Tor    Tor Pico