2021 has been another challenging year, but from a business perspective, there have been some significant steps taken forward and some good times along the way. While most people are understandably happy to see the back of 2021, we encourage reviewing all positives, however small, because they hold added weight considering the context of adversity in which they were achieved. By doing so it’s possible to create and carry forward a little optimism for the new year ahead. In this spirit, we’ll look at some of our business highlights for the year. 

New Investment: Automated Storage and Laser Cutting System

With more emphasis being placed on the home environment in the last couple of years, we have seen a huge increase in demand for these aspects of the business. We were very pleased to announce this year that due to this surge in demand we could make a significant investment in our infrastructure with the installation of a state-of-the-art automated storage and laser cutting system.  

This expands our ability to prototype and manufacture designs with even greater complexity. With a storage capacity of up to 87 tonnes of both processed and unprocessed sheet material, it increases our cutting capacity by over 100%. Automation of such a high volume allows for 24/7 cutting and enables rapid part turnaround. Read more… 

Crossrail Elizabeth Line


The Elizabeth line railway, built by Crossrail for Transport for London, is now spanning more than 100km across the capital. The railway serves 41 stations including 10 major new London stations from Paddington to Abbey Wood. A.J Wells & Sons designed, developed, manufactured, and installed a range of signage and cladding solutions across the network including Tottenham Court Road, Paddington, Whitechapel and Canary Warf. Read more…  

TfL Northern Line Extension


London saw the first major tube expansion this century open to the public on Monday 20th September 2021. A.J Wells & Sons are proud to have surveyed, designed, manufactured, and installed the signage throughout the 1 billion pound Transport for London Northern Line Extension (NLE) project. 

The NLE extension will serve two new stations; Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station. The whole area is undergoing a massive redevelopment, with homes being built and many jobs created. Read more… 

The Charnwood Wellbeing Study 2021

This year we conducted a pioneering survey of stove users to better understand the significant and unique benefits that wood-burning stoves provide for their owners and family’s wellbeing. The response was phenomenal, with 1227 users providing deep insight into the wider benefits of owning and using a stove. 

This survey is the first of its kind (that we know of at least) and brings real weight to the argument in favour of wood-burning stoves beyond their already strong heating and environmental credentials. Read more… 

The Charnwood Cranmore


This year we were proud to release the Charnwood Cranmore, revealed at the virtual dealer event in June. It is traditional in style while using the very latest in clean burn technology. The stove’s pleasing proportions make it well suited to a traditional fireplace and with its large picture window and mesmerising flame pattern it is an ideal replacement for an open fire.  

The Cranmore uses our clean-burn BLU technology and is exceptionally efficient, with a level 5 clearSkies rating, while exceeding all minimum criteria for Eco Design Ready status. Victorian, Georgian, and Regency period properties all provide a perfect backdrop for the traditional aesthetic of the Cranmore. The elegant and timeless design blended with the latest technology makes the Charnwood Cranmore nothing short of a modern classic. Read more… 



We launched to help us reach our customers and grow our market across the pond. As part of this launch, we were proud to reveal another new stove – the revolutionary Charnwood Skye E700. It has a new intelligent microprocessor that is set to revolutionize the way we burn wood. Load the fire, close the door, set your room temperature using the Charnwood app on your phone and let the stove do the rest. Simply blissful! 

The Skye E700 is coming soon to the U.S.A & Canada and then to other markets. Read more… 

Charnwood Dealer Event 2021

Whilst we missed seeing you all in person, the team really made this year’s Charnwood dealer event (albeit virtual) a special one. With the numbered gift boxes and the big reveal of a new Charnwood stove, it was certainly one to remember. However, there’s no doubt we are crossing all fingers and toes so that we can meet in the flesh next year to celebrate our 50th anniversary in style! 

50th anniversary next year

It is fitting that our 50th anniversary coincides with significant industry-wide changes due to Ecodesign regulations coming into force next year. In the 1970s the founders’ innovations shaped the stove industry, helping people heat their homes more efficiently amongst great uncertainty caused by the Dutch Elm Disease and Oil crises. Now, in 2022, with even greater global challenges to face, Charnwood will hold on tightly to its core tenets and continue to innovate and lead the way towards another highly significant 50-year milestone, in Net Zero 2050.  

Everyone connected to A.J Wells and Charnwood would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!


The four weeks of Advent are traditionally used to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas. This period of reflection is a chance to focus on what is truly important in one’s life, which is typically the coming together of family and friends in a spirit of love and celebration.

Much like opening the next window on the Advent calendar, lighting a fire is a ritual that can also provide a daily treat. Feeling the unique heat from a wood-burning stove is the perfect way to mark another cold winters day. The warmth and cosiness created in the home will help carry you and your family all the way through to spring.

Add the wood-burning process to your advent/winter traditions

Whether you’re a new stove owner or just need a recap, here is the best method for lighting your wood-burning stove.

Here is the top-down method:
1) Leave some ash – the most efficient way to light a wood burning stove is to leave a little bit of ash from previous fires. However, you should still ensure the majority of the ash is cleaned out to avoid blocking air circulation.
2) Place 2-3 smaller logs on the stove bed
3) On top of this build a stack of 6-8 softwood kindling sticks
4) Then place a natural fire lighter inside
5) Fully open the air control as this will maximise the supply of oxygen in the wood burner needed to get the fire going.
6) Light the fire lighter and close the door but leave it slightly a jar
7) This helps to heat the chimney flue and burn hot and clean
8) Once the fire is burning well close the door and reduce the air intake
9) Re-fuel little and often
10) Every time a log is added open the air control again until the fire is burning well and then return the control to normal

A highly recommended accompanying read: Elf & Safety – 8 Tips For Wood-Stove Users Over The Holiday Season

Here’s what our customers have to say

These Charnwood customer quotes give great insight into owning a stove and why they are such an important part of their lifestyle – particularly in winter!

“I find the process of building and lighting the fire therapeutic and sitting watching the flames is very relaxing.”
“Something the whole family enjoy doing together and it makes us all feel incredibly relaxed and happy.”
“It’s a ritual on Christmas morning to rekindle the stove, and to unwrap the presents without a fire is unthinkable. There’s something magical about children in their pyjamas sitting on the rug in the cosy space in front of a blazing stove.”
“My young nephew visited at Christmas & we built the fire together. It was the first time he had ever lit a real fire. We celebrated with toasting marshmallows! It wasn’t just building a fire – it was building a memory.”
“After a day of sledging and building snowmen and having snowball fights with the family it was very relaxing and comforting for us all to warm up in front of the fire.”
“My grandchildren ask for the fire to be on when they are having a hot chocolate on a frosty day.”
“The stove is the catalyst for family bonding, which helps with relaxation & mood improvement. It helps to unwind after a days exertions at work.”
“Christmas spent with all the family and grandchildren gathered around our stove brings happy memories all year round.”
“My young nephew visited at Christmas & we built the fire together. It was the first time he had ever lit a real fire. We celebrated with toasting marshmallows! It wasn’t just building a fire – it was building a memory.”

(Source: Charnwood Well-being Survey)

If you’ve been dreading the months ahead, adding a new tradition of regular wood-burning could change your perspective on winter. The ‘top down’ process outlined above quickly becomes second nature and will enable you to, almost magically, transition from anything the day has thrown at you towards a positive state of being. The atmosphere created allows you to let go of the unimportant stuff and to come together as a family and focus on what Christmas is really all about.


Finally, to celebrate the festive season we are inviting you to share your best #CharnwoodFestivePhoto! With a chance to win a beautifully handcrafted mini companion set worth £150! It’s easy and free to enter. To qualify send photo entries to or just use #CharnwoodFestivePhoto with your post on Instagram.

Be as creative as you want, all we ask is that your Charnwood stove features in the photo. Whether it’s a photo putting up the decorations from this year or the family gathered unwrapping presents from years ago – old or new we’d love to see them!

(Please note that submitting photos constitutes permission for us to use them across our various channels)