If you own a wood-burning stove, you may be wondering if you can use it for cooking. The answer is yes! A wood-burning stove is a great way to extend your cooking options. Not only does it add a touch of rustic charm, but it can also be used to cook up some delicious meals. In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know about wood-burning stove cooking, from what type of equipment to buy to what kinds of recipes are best suited for this method of cooking.

Wood-burning stove cooking tips

Here are a few tips to help you start cooking on your wood-burning stove:

– Keep a close eye on the stove while it’s in use, and never leave it unattended.

– Make sure the area around the stove is clear of flammable materials, such as curtains or furniture.

– Use heavy-duty cookware that will conduct heat evenly.

– Keep an eye on the food as it’s cooking, as the wood-burning stove can fluctuate in temperature.

Finally, as always, use dry, well-seasoned wood. Wet wood produces smoke and creosote buildup in your chimney, which can cause a dangerous fire.

Wood-burning stove cooking

It’s important to use heavy-duty cookware that will conduct heat evenly – think Le Creuset, Crane or similar. A cast iron Dutch oven is a wonderfully versatile option and perfect for many recipes including the ones below!

There will be some trial and error required when testing out recipes to get timings spot on. Also, it’s important to remember to keep an eye on the food as it’s cooking, as the wood-burning stove can fluctuate in temperature. We recommend using a stove pipe thermometer to help your accuracy.

What is a wood-burning stove cooking plate?


A wood-burning stove cooking plate is a metal plate that sits on top of the wood-burning stove. It helps to distribute heat evenly, reduce stove wear and tear and provides stability for pots and pans.

A Charnwood cooking plate is a cast iron plate that has conduction fins on the underside and can replace the blanking plate on a standard Charnwood stove.

The cooking plate is ideal for stoves installed into open-plan living areas where the boundaries of cooking, dining and lounging are merged. The set includes four cast iron trivets for versatility when cooking and the plate is available in two sizes; five or six inch outlet diameters to suit most Charnwood models in addition to the Island II.

Please note: the stove will need to be installed using the rear outlet to allow the cooking plate to be fitted on the stove top.

How to use a wood-burning stove toasting fork?


A wood-burning stove toasting fork is a long, metal fork that is used to toast bread with a wood-burning stove. The Charnwood toasting fork is a neat, highly effective stove accessory designed for use on all our models. The British-made fork and holder are made from stainless steel with a turned beech handle.

The magnetic holder suspends the fork in front of the glass, toasting bread, muffins or crumpets perfectly. The bread will start to toast quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on it. Once it’s done, simply remove from the fork and enjoy!

It’s the perfect gift for any stove fanatic!

What kinds of recipes can I make with a wood-burning stove?

Just about anything! A wood-burning stove is a versatile cooking tool that can be used to make all sorts of dishes. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that wood-burning stoves take longer to heat up than other types of stoves (such as gas or electric). That means you’ll want to choose recipes that don’t require high heat or that can simmer for long periods of time without burning. Some great examples include stews, soups, chili, pot roast, and casseroles.

3 simple wood-burning stove recipe ideas


1. Sausage and lentil Stew


2. Baked bread


3. Mulligatawny soup


You can toast bread to go with it on your toasting fork!

Bonus super simple jacket potato recipe:

Prick some potatoes and wrap them in foil. Then carefully place in the embers of your fire (wear stove gloves). They take approximately an hour to cook depending on the size of the potato.

It is safe to cook with your wood-burning stove, however, please take care and do so at your own risk.


Cooking delicious meals while heating your home is one of the great things about owning a Charnwood wood-burning stove. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be an expert at wood-burning stove cooking in no time!

Where to buy?

As well as excellent after-care, by purchasing through an official Charnwood stockist you will qualify for our dealer-backed 10-year guarantee.


latest cutting-edge equipment and exceptional craftsmanship. In this blog, we will share with you some of the processes involved in making a Charnwood Stove from our UK-based factory on the Isle of Wight.

Metal fabrication


To create a high-performing and durable stove, we select the best of British sheet steel as the base metal substrate. The steel meets BS EN 10209 standards.

Laser cutting the steel


Our high-tech laser cutter is then used to produce accurately shaped component parts. The tolerance of this system is 0.2 mm with the ability to cut materials from 0.5mm up to 25 mm in thickness. This level of accuracy allows us to achieve sleek finishing touches on even the smallest details.

Shaping the metal


The stove’s body panels are formed to the required shapes and sizes with just a 2mm margin of error.

Welding the metal


Our welding process involves cutting-edge robotics as well as our extremely experienced and skilled team members, who have a combined 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Refining components


Smaller components receive finishing touches by hand.

Spraying high-temperature stove paint


After rinsing and neutralising the metal, our skilled team uses a spray gun to apply even coats of our specially formulated high-temperature stove paint. In addition to the standard Charnwood Black, we also offer you a choice of seven other beautiful shades.

Drilling & Assembly


After the drilling is complete, we move on to assembly. We carefully put all the pieces together, making sure that everything is aligned correctly and functioning optimally. Once the stove is assembled, we conduct a series of tests to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Packing & Shipping


Each stove is signed off by one of our experts before being processed for shipping. We continue to look for ways to reduce excess packaging while aiming to use environmentally friendly materials and encouraging reuse where possible. You can read more here.


We take great pride in the products we produce at Charnwood. That’s why every one of our wood-burning stoves is handcrafted with care and precision. We hope that this behind-the-scenes look at how we make our stoves has given you a better understanding of the love, care and attention that goes into every Charnwood Stove.

If you are interested in finding out more, we highly recommend contacting an official Charnwood stockist.


Our favourite time of the year is fast approaching! For some it’s watching ELF, others their first advent calendar window, for us the festive season kicks off at the Ideal Home Show Christmas event! From the 23–27 November at Olympia London, this wonderful Christmas shopping extravaganza provides everything you need to prepare your home for the festive season.

You can browse and shop from hundreds of brands across 4 Christmas themed show sections; Gifts, Pets, Home and Decorations. There’s live entertainment, expert demos, celebrity chefs, and thousands of festive gift, home and food ideas that will leave you feeling festive and ready for the season ahead!

Christmas Past (2021)


Last year a Charnwood ‘Bembridge’ wood-burning stove took centre stage in Good Homes Magazines ‘Updated Heritage’ roomset. The team also gave a talk on the Interiors Stage discussing all the latest Charnwood developments as well as the introduction of EcoDesign regulations. It was wonderful to meet so many of you to chat and answer your questions.

Good Homes Christmas Roomsets

The Good Homes style team return with 4 beautiful roomsets each with their own distinctive decorating scheme. Created in association with Next Home, they are called Scandi Luxe, Arctic Shimmer, Winter Berry and Woodland Jewel.

It’s a showcase that delivers for a range of tastes, each providing inspiration to help you fill your home with festive spirit in line with the latest trends. A Charnwood Island I and Aire 5 were selected for two roomsets and the sneak peek photos below indicate a perfect setting for the warmth of a Charnwood wood-burning stove.

Arctic Shimmer x Charnwood Island I


Photo: Next Home

A Charnwood Island I will feature in a serene Arctic Shimmer roomset with winter whites, soft greys and sparkling silver alongside a host of tactile materials.

The Island I is the smallest stove in the Island collection, delivering an output of 2-7kW of heat. Its uncomplicated looks and gentle curves ensure it sits well in any situation, be it modern or traditional. This stove meets Clean Air Act requirements with excellent efficiency of over 85% and an extremely low smoke particle level of 9mg/m3 (the Ecodesign limit is 40mg/m3).

Woodland Jewel x Charnwood Aire 5


Photo: Next Home

A Charnwood Aire 5 has been chosen to feature in the elegant Woodland Jewel roomset. Comprised of rich colours from dark evergreen hues to on-trend amber paired with tortoiseshell accessories and sumptuous soft furnishings.

The Charnwood’s iconic Aire 5 wood burning stove has been designed to maximise the view of the fire. The minimal styling of the Aire 5 fits comfortably into virtually any fireside situation whether it be freestanding or within a traditional fireplace. The stove delivers a comfortable 2-5kW of heat to the room with a crystal clear burn – a wonderful focal point for the room.

The Aire 5 incorporates Charnwood’s unique BLU burning technology. Not only a vast improvement on the new 2022 Ecodesign standards, BLU also meets with Defra exemption limits; allowing wood to be burnt cleanly and safely in smoke control areas.

Vlaze Hearths

Vlaze Hearths will be used to create a clean, modern platform on which to stand our stoves. Vlaze is our sister company and are experts in using porcelain enamel for the living environment and creating luxury fireside products.

The smooth gloss surface finish is heat and fire-resistant, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours & designer finishes. The hearth plates are available in 5 sizes to suit most stoves and boast a 12mm depth conforming to UK building regulations for non-constructional hearths.


As with Vlaze, the quality of Charnwood Stoves can only be fully appreciated in person. To book your tickets and discover a world of festive delights click here – we hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it to the Ideal Home Show Christmas, then we recommend searching for your local official Charnwood stockist here.


This blog is a review and closer look at the results of the Charnwood Stove Accessory Survey 2022. A survey of over 1000 wood-burning stove users with the aim of better understanding stove accessory preferences and usage.

We were delighted to receive such an incredible response from our engaged wood-stove community. From discovering the most popular stove accessory to users’ other must-haves and how easy people find them to use – many interesting and useful insights were gained!

Read on to learn about the Charnwood Stove Accessory Survey and the other top wood-burning stove accessories!

The results

A woodstove is a wonderful addition to the home. Those of you who are new owners will be starting to notice how much more you are enjoying the colder evenings than before. What you will also notice is the ritual of building and maintaining a fire is much easier with the right tools.

The answers to the following questions will provide some ideas about which stove accessories you should consider next!

What is the most popular wood-burning stove accessory?


The results in the graph above show that the trusty Stove Pipe Thermometer is the most popular wood-burning stove accessory with 29% of the vote. 99% of respondents also found it easy to use.

Stove Pipe Thermometer


It’s perhaps no surprise that the trusty Stove (Flue) Pipe Thermometer is the favourite accessory of stove users. It is a crucial tool for conscientious wood stove users who prioritise safety and efficiency.

The ideal wood burning temperature range is between 140 and 240 degrees Celsius (284 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit) which avoids damage to the stove and a potential fire hazard from creosote buildup.

How to adjust the fire temperature?

To reach a sufficient temperature, ensure a good draft, use seasoned wood and build the fire correctly ensuring your fire burns hot enough. To reduce the temperature of your fire when in use, you can close the air vents.

Which of the following do you consider ‘Must Have’ stove accessories?


Here are some quotes from survey participants relating to the top 7 ‘Must-Have’ stove accessories.

Log Storage/Basket


“Having a full wood basket during these crazy days makes me feel safe and secure, whatever happens I know I have heat and hot water and light.”

“Keeps all the logs tidy and looks great beside the stove. Also useful for carrying in logs from the store outside!”

“Add to the aesthetics of the fireplace and is obviously useful for keeping wood supplies topped up.”

“It reminds me of my grandparents’ days as they always had one. It also keeps all my logs safe and tidy away from the children.”

“A good quality basket enhances the look of the stove as well as being practical.”

“My log basket really enhances both the look and the “feel” of my log burner.”

“Keeps my living room very tidy. Really neat and elegant looking item. Sturdy and robust”

“Looks great and saves having to leave the room/ go outside for logs.”

“It adds to the ambient feeling of the room when partially or fully loaded but I suppose more importantly it stops me from having to pop outside too frequently to get more logs, thus letting me enjoy the fire uninterrupted.”

“It saves us fighting about who is going to get more logs when it’s cold!”

For a full range of log holder storage click here!

Stove Pipe Thermometer

“Ensures I always know the temperature my stove is at as to whether I need to add more fuel or calm it down.”

“Makes it so much easier to see if my fire is working at optimum temperature and if I need to adjust amount of wood/air flow.”

“Because it allows us to check whether we are burning at too hot a temperature or too cool. We use both hardwood and softwoods so it would be difficult to know without this vital tool.”

“It means that I always burn my logs in the most economical and environmentally friendly way.”

“I hadn’t realised just how hot the stove gets at full output making this an essential piece of it when topping it up with firewood.”

“It allows me to regulate my stove temperature to maximise the life of the stove and have efficient burning of my wood”

“Ensures the fire is hot enough to keep down the accumulation of creosote. Wouldn’t be without it!”

“I constantly use it to check that the stove is burning in its optimum range for efficiency and to prevent damage and tarring.”

“Invaluable, the little thermometer lets me know when the fire is at optimal temperature and I can then maintain that temperature throughout operation. Probably helps conserve wood too, a great bit of kit.”

“Just gives you so much information in regards to heat output from different fuel types, different wood species, hard woods, softer woods. It really allows you to dial in the stove to get the best from it.”

“This provides us with an idea of how well the stove is burning. For example, over the last two years we have been testing wood purchased from sellers and our own seasoned wood and the stove pipe thermometer gives us a real measure of the heat output (even though most of the time, we can tell the difference ourselves based on how nice the room feels). It also helps us regulate the flu for optimal burn. We learned a lot using the stove pipe thermometer about our stove and the wood we burn.”

“It reassures me that I have the right burn, low emissions and great heat output.”

“As an engineer I love indisputable visual indication of when things are operating correctly! Such a simple device and has definitely altered how we ‘set’ our stove.”

You can get a Charnwood Stove Pipe Thermometer here!

Stove Gloves

“Without them it would be very difficult and dangerous to use the burner”

“Only burn your fingers once to realise they are useful!!!”

“Provides confidence in 100% protection when refueling the stove.”

“Really effective and protects hands while loading logs”

“Just love them, total safety when loading the stove”

“Because it stops me blistering my hands.”

“Offers safety when handling logs, opening & closing stove and promotes attention to avoiding burns.”

“Makes me feel safe when stove has become very hot”

“They just make life so much easier handling logs and placing logs in the stove. No splinters or burns!”

Watch this space – Charnwood stove gloves are on the way!

Dustpan & Brush

“It makes emptying the stove so much easier and cleaner, the house is relatively dust free after clearing.”

“It helps to keep the room relatively dust free”

“Keeping the hearth clean and tidy stops ash and debris, from the stove and wood pile underneath it, from spreading to the floor and messing up the room.”

“Whenever the stove is used it is necessary to clean up small amounts of ash that fall out. The brush and pan are thus used very frequently.”

“The dustpan & brush makes removing the Ash so much easier, our charnwood is used every day from October to February so we collect a lot of Ash which we use as compost. We have other accessories but they don’t see as much use as the pan & brush.”



“An absolute must have accessory to reposition burning logs and coal.”

“Can re-arrange wood in the stove when going, safely.”

“Brilliant for getting fire going”

“I like poking the fire! Breaking it down to a bed of hot burning wood so I can get more fuel in!”

“I can poke the logs to get maximum burn.”

“Great to look at, well made and does the job perfectly.”

“You can move the logs about to create space and so regulate heat a bit better.”

“It’s so satisfying prodding at red hot embers on a freezing cold evening and feeling the heat on your face”.

“Great quality and have stood the test of time with good amount of use. Quality product.”

“We have a wrought-iron poker made by a friend from years ago..handle in the shape of a hare’s it, wasn’t cheap but a real beauty.”

“Simple basic tool allowing rearranging of fuel to ensure even burning and helping keep glass door clean.”

“Get the fire going. Can push the logs back into the fire so they burn probably.”

Our sister company Bodj offer a beautifully hand-crafted blow poker. Click here for more information!

Ash bin/carrier

“Easy to use. Metal. Compact. Stops dust flying around. Carry handle is useful.”

“Great 4 carrying ashes out on a windy day.”

“Ease of use in keeping ash contained and not flying all over the place.”

“Allows dust free disposal of ash.”

“I have two Charnwood stoves. One has the ash bin/carrier and the other doesn’t. It’s SO difficult to get the ash out of the stove that doesn’t have the ash bin/carrier.”

“It is a safe and clean way of dealing with the only downside to a log burner, the ash.”

“Ease of emptying.”

“Makes it easy to empty ashes no fear of dropping them all over the floor.”

“Makes it more convenient to remove ash over several days without having to fill smaller bin bags thus reducing plastic waste.”

“Easy to use with minimal dust released when moving around can hold at least 1 month’ worth of ash.”

“Simplifies the worst job – cleaning out the ashes and getting them to the bin without being covered in ash from head to foot in a gust of wind. Neat to store, fits the ashcan perfectly and contains the dust when you tip the ashes in.”

Charnwood ash carriers are available here.



“Can’t beat a good solid pair of tongs for keeping away from the heat and flames, whilst topping up the stove.”

“I can position logs to maximum effectiveness.”

“It’s a really nice bit of blacksmithing, lovely rams head on the end.”

“Don’t get burnt and can place logs where you want them.”

“Handy for falling logs.”

“Fantastic for putting more wood in when the stove is really hot!”

“Looks rustic and very useful”

“Allows me to place logs where I want them in my stove, but it is also the most universal tool”
Hand forged tongs are available here.

Moisture Meter


Surprisingly only 23% of those surveyed own a moisture meter. We consider a moisture meter a must-have stove accessory to ensure wood is properly seasoned before burning and we urge you to get one!

It is very important to only burn wood with a moisture content of 20% or less. This will keep harmful emissions to a minimum and significantly improve efficiency, while protecting your stove and chimney – saving you money!

Look out for the Woodsure Ready to Burn label which guarantees a moisture content of 20% or less.

For a list of approved firewood sellers in your area click here.

Here are what some moisture meter owners had to say:

“I know I’m complying with byelaws and also prolonging the life of my Island 2 stove”

“Because I like to know that the logs I’m burning are dry and safe to use”

“Allows us to keep the stove clean by making sure we only burn the driest wood”

“This plus thermometer can’t really be replicated using non specialist tools.”

“It means I know when I can burn the wood that I’ve collected myself from the neighbourhood.”

“Vital for the whole seasoning process.”

“Especially Important given that the cost of kiln dried logs has doubled compared to this time last year!”

“I know I’m complying with byelaws and also prolonging the life of my Island 2 stove”

“Because it saves me burning wood which is too wet. Genuinely get a buzz when I ‘detect’ anything too moist on my meter!”

If you are seasoning your own wood, make sure you test it with a moisture meter before burning. You can get yours here.


As you can see, there are a whole host of useful stove accessories that will enhance your wood-burning stove experience. For more information on all the stove accessories available, click here.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took part in the survey!


We were delighted to attend The Glamping Show, on the 15-17th of September at NAEC Stoneleigh Park. The Glamping Show is the UK’s only luxury camping show and attracts the most exciting companies in the industry.

It was fascinating to see how the range of luxury camping options continues to grow, reflecting glamping’s growing popularity. Log cabins, yurts, shepherds’ huts, and other ‘tiny home’ accommodation and products were on full display for glamping business owners and homeowners looking to add a little extra space in the garden.

It was also exciting to offer the first public viewing of The Charnwood Haven, a new compact wood-fired range cooker designed for cabins, bothies, off-grid living and smaller homes. It was incredibly well received along with the other Charnwood products we had on display.

Read on to learn about The Glamping Show and the Charnwood Haven our exciting new range cooker!

The Glamping Show 2022

We were situated on pitch 510, under a lovely oak tree, displaying a wide range of Charnwood products including the new Charnwood Haven, Cranmore 3, stove pods and accessories. The team really enjoyed meeting you all and from the conversations they had, it was clear that wood-burning stoves are a hugely popular addition for all types of tiny accommodation. After all, there is nothing quite like staying in an idyllic spot with the radiant heat of a wood-burning stove to get you into holiday mode.

We were also honoured to have an Aire 3 on display on the Blackdown Shepherds Huts pavilion and a Stove Pod and Cranmore 3 on the Yurts For Life pitch.

The Charnwood Haven

It was so exciting to finally give an exclusive preview of The Charnwood Haven. It combines the charm and functionality of a traditional range with the very latest efficiencies and clean burn technology.

Based on the size and dimensions of our iconic Island III model, the Charnwood Haven is a stunning focal point, producing a rated output of 6kW of heat into the room. It comes equipped with a well-sized oven and large hot plate enabling you to cook with a wide array of pots, pans and trivets. The integrated thermometer allows for greater temperature control and cooking accuracy. It’s a surprisingly versatile and delicious way of cooking, allowing you to create soups, stews, roasts, baking and more!

The feedback we received was incredible and confirms there is a real appetite for a contemporary wood-fired range cooker.

The perfect glamping stove package


The Aire 3 and Cranmore 3 are Ecodesign ready and 5-star clearSkies rated, with both demonstrating 86% efficiency on independent tests. This makes them two of the most efficient stoves on the market. With a 2-5 kW output, they are the perfect size for most glamping spaces and provide a crystal-clear burn. They are easy to operate, with a single air control and removable ashpan, which lends itself to guests that may not have previous wood-burning experience.

The Stove Pod is a freestanding unit that doesn’t require affixing to any walls. It is exceptionally sturdy, and the curvature of the design focuses heat into your space. The steel skin is magnetic, with Charnwood offering tools and pots that can be attached. The flue support incorporates a handy warming shelf for plates, pots and pans – ideal for Glamping!

It is available in a matt black hammered powder coat with the option to add a VLAZE vitreous enamel liner for a stylish, easy to clean finish.


It is wonderful to witness the continued growth in alternative styles of living. It’s clear that this movement is not only driven by a desire to live differently but to live better. To live in greater harmony with the environment and with a focus on nurturing the relationships that allow us to thrive.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to see us, it was lovely to meet you all and we hope to see you again very soon!

Find out more

For more information we recommend getting in touch with your official Charnwood dealer for the best before and after sales care.


Data from the Stove Industry Alliance shows a 40% increase in UK stove sales compared to last year. It appears that the cost-of-living crisis is driving people to mitigate the effects of rising heating bills and uncertainty surrounding winter energy supply.

Read on to learn more about the SIA’s findings and the reasons people are investing in wood stoves

Why the SIA’s data is good news for the environment

The SIA reports that in most cases these new wood stove sales are replacements for an existing open fire or a much older stove. Modern, Ecodesign wood burning stoves emit up to 90% less PM than an open fire, and up to 80% less than most older stoves.

Chair of the SIA, Andy Hill, commented that “Sales of stoves during the latest quarter were almost exclusively Ecodesign models meaning that consumers are helping to cut carbon and particulate emissions from domestic wood burning, as well as reducing their heating costs.”

Reasons consumers are choosing wood stoves

• Affordability

A good quality stove can last many decades and provide an affordable source of heat for low-income households. The upfront costs are less than other alternative energy solutions.

• Cheap fuel

Using a wood stove means you can source reasonably priced fuel locally and sometimes for free. You are not reliant on skyrocketing gas and oil prices!

• An ideal emergency/low-frequency heat source.

A wood-burning stove provides a 100% self-contained heat source protecting you from power cuts and fuel supply issues. A wood-burning stove can provide heat and even a way to cook food when you need it most. Unlike wind or solar energy, wood-burning stoves can produce heat for prolonged periods whatever the weather conditions.

• Environmentally friendly

Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel as it gives off the same amount of carbon whether it is burnt or decays naturally. The carbon released from burning wood is balanced out by the carbon absorbed by the tree during its lifetime.

• Wellbeing benefits

Owners report significant wellbeing benefits directly as a result of owning and using their wood-burning stove. We all need more of that!

Read about all the amazing wellbeing benefits from owning a wood stove.

How to reduce your fuel bill with free sources of wood

1. After a storm

After a storm, fallen trees and branches become available which, with permission, you can collect, season and use for firewood – all while helping to tidy up your local area.

2. Industrial woodworkers

Woodworkers, sawmills, and joiners near to your home are worth contacting to find out if they ever have any off cuts of wood that they need to get rid of.

3. Online

Whether it is left over wood from a recent home improvement or a tree that had to be cut down, people often advertise free wood on websites like Gumtree and Freecycle if you are happy to collect it.

Resist the temptation to burn the wrong wood


It is important that all the wood you source is untreated and free from paint, finishes or other potentially harmful substances. Also, do not burn it unless it has a moisture content of less than 20% which you can check with a moisture meter. This reduces harmful emissions that otherwise can pollute your home and the outside environment. Burning dry, seasoned wood will also significantly increase the lifespan of your stove. For a list of the best types of firewood check out our Firewood chart.

For a list of approved firewood sellers in your area click here.


This October millions of households have seen their bills rise significantly despite the government’s energy price cap. With ongoing uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to invest in a wood-burning stove.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re ready to buy or just want to discuss your options, we strongly recommend that you contact an official Charnwood stockist, where the before and after-sales support will be of a standard approved by us.


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‘The Pig – Restaurants with Rooms’ are a wonderful group of establishments that have beautiful and nutritious kitchen gardens at their heart. They are committed to home-grown and local produce and celebrate the seasons, using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. Their chefs work directly with the kitchen gardeners to create menus centered around British garden food of the very highest quality. Some Charnwood team members have been lucky enough to visit and taste their delights while also supplying several of the Pig Hotels with wood-burning stoves.

Read on to learn more about the Pig Hotels and why Charnwood fits the ambience perfectly!

The Pig at Bridge Place

Located three miles south of Canterbury and just 56 minutes by train from central London, is the Pig at Bridge Place. Full of intriguing history, this old building holds a place in music folklore, having hosted events featuring rock gods Led Zeppelin among others.

Secret stairways lead to panelled rooms with endless cosy nooks to hunker down in. Bedrooms have far reaching views out across the Kentish countryside and are characterfully finished with many featuring a wood-burning stove!

The Pig at Harlyn Bay


The Pig at Harlyn Bay is in one of the most historic houses in Cornwall, dating back to the 15th century. It has far-reaching sea views and is only 10 mins drive from the famous port of Padstow. With plenty of character, original features and gorgeous gardens, the Pig at Harlyn Bay is a perfect getaway destination to enjoy incredible food and truly inspiring surroundings.

Charnwood Island I, II & III


All three Charnwood Island models were chosen to suit different sized rooms. The Island’s uncomplicated looks and gentle curves sit well in any situation, from cosy bars, to inviting snugs and quirky bedrooms. The large picture windows offer a spectacular view of the fire for guests and really enhance the atmosphere.

All Island models are Defra Exempt and easily meet Clean Air Act requirements. They have an efficiency of over 85% and an extremely low smoke particle level of 9mg/m3 which easily outperforms the Ecodesign limit of 40mg/m3.


Much like staying at one of the The Pig locations, using a woodstove offers real escapism. The process of lighting a fire, then sitting back to enjoy the warmth and crackle of the mesmerising flames, allows one to switch off from everyday stresses quite unlike anything else. A warm fire signifies access to cooking, warmth, and shelter and when these primary needs are catered for, we instinctively feel better about life.

Below are some quotes from our customers from a recent well-being survey that highlights this phenomenon:

“Fire is deep within the human psyche and sits in a happy place in our limbic brain. You get lost from the day to day in a fire – it’s a little bit of wilderness in the order of the day to day.”

“I’ve long felt a disconnect between earning money in the corporate world and home life. Here is something with a direct connection – the family stay warm through my simple effort.”

“Helps to switch off from the technology that takes over our everyday lives. You feel a sense of achievement when the first sparks ignite.”

Ready to discuss your woodstove options?

We strongly recommend that you contact an official Charnwood stockist, where the before and after-sales support will be of a standard approved by us.

If you wish to stay at any of The Pig locations you can make a booking here!


In difficult times it can be easy to let our creative minds go into hibernation and the last couple of years haven’t been easy for many. This autumn a new venture from the Isle of Wight is inviting you to take a moment to awaken your creativity. The women behind the idea, jeweller Kelly Fenton and Amy Langridge of Moor Farm say they wanted to join forces to offer something nourishing for the soul and felt a creative Autumn retreat would be just the tonic before winter arrives.

Autumn Moments will be a weekend of workshops and well-being designed to help find your flow.
“Amy and I were chatting one evening after a sea swim and discovered we both shared the same dream of creating a gentle space where people could learn new skills, make beautiful things, and immerse themselves in the incredible natural surroundings here on the Isle of Wight.” Kelly, who will run a bespoke jewellery workshop during the Isle of Wight retreat, explains. “We have worked together to create something that we hope will give people a chance to reset and come away restored.”

The Isle of Wight retreat will be held in the sympathetically converted barns at Moor Farm, nestled just outside the idyllic village of Godshill, where guests will be encouraged to switch off and enjoy the countryside in-between the jewellery, mobile making, and aromatherapy workshops on offer.

Each barn has its very own Charnwood stove, so guests can sit back and enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire while reflecting on a wonderful day spent together. If blessed with clear skies, Charnwood Fireballs are available to gather around outside to enjoy the night sky.

“We both deeply appreciate how lucky we are to live on such a beautiful Island and hope those who join us for Autumn Moments will become as enchanted with the place as we are.” said Amy who will host the weekend at Moor Farm. “We’re delighted to also be offering a contemporary mobile making workshop with Claire, a Sussex-based artist from ‘In the Making’. Having been admirers of her colourful work for some time, it’s a real treat to finally be able to work with her on this project”

“As much as we want to share the beauty of the Isle of Wight with those who come here to visit, we also relish the opportunity to bring talented makers across that stretch of water to share their skills with Islanders who might otherwise struggle to get access due to our unique location. We hope this will be the first of many unique retreats held here.”

Autumn Moments at Moor Farm takes place on 18th – 21st November 2022 More info can be found at Instagram: @autumn.moments


Tiny Homes Holidays is a boutique retreat of six architect designed, off grid Tiny Homes on the Isle of Wight. Charnwood were delighted to supply them with a range of wood-burning stoves, while our sister company Vlaze supplied vitreous enamel heatshields and splashbacks.

Read on to learn about these amazing tiny homes and why our products are a perfect complement.

The dream tiny home experience! 


A choice of 6 beautiful tiny homes in a range of styles caters to those looking to escape into nature to get a taste of the simple life. A sympathetic blend of wood textures helps the dwellings fit perfectly into their natural surroundings.  

All homes come with a full range of amenities for your comfort including a shower, compostable WC and wood-burning stove for both heat and heartwarming experiences with family and friends. After all, there is nothing quite like staying in an idyllic spot with the radiant heat of a wood-burning stove to get you into holiday mode. 

Additional comforts include pristine white linen and towels, along with fresh flowers, welcome cakes and hot drink supplies. You can enjoy a BBQ on your outside deck and even book a SPA session! 

Kindred x Charnwood C-Five 


The C-Five has a similar output to the C-Four but is built with landscape proportions to take a slightly longer log length. It looks so cosy in this tiny home! 

The stove is fire brick lined and in certain situations, can be installed without the need for external air due to its rated output of 5kW. This stove meets Clean Air Act requirements for smoke control exemption; allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas. 

Hygge x Charnwood Cove 1


With a rated output of 4kW the Cove 1 can be installed without the need for external air in certain situations. It’s not just the dogs who love it! 

Please note: Usually dogs are not allowed at Tiny Homes Holidays – A concession was made for Toast (the Charnwood mascot) as part of the shoot. Also as part of the new 2022 Ecodesign regulation this stove will be discontinued from 31 December 2021. To view our full range of clearSkies/Ecodesign Ready stoves please click here 


All the homes are uniquely and carefully named to capture their essence, with Hygge being our particular favourite. Hygge is a Danish word that represents wellbeing, pronounced Hoo-gaa and is all about nesting. A wood-burning stove plays a significant role in creating this type of atmosphere and makes a holiday feel truly restful. 

Studies have shown how hearth and campfires can influence arterial blood pressure and defray the costs of the social brain through fireside relaxation. Here is a section from the study: 

‘Results indicated consistent blood pressure decreases in the fire-with-sound condition, particularly with a longer duration of stimulus, and enhancing effects of absorption and prosociality. Findings confirm that hearth and campfires induce relaxation as part of a multisensory, absorptive, and social experience.’ 

A retreat such as this is the ultimate vacation for rest and recuperation. Getting back to nature allows you to let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can get a sense of this ‘reconnecting to nature’ in your own home with the addition of your very own wood burning stove. It provides a focal point in the home that brings real respite when you need it. 

In fact, 93% of 1227 Charnwood wood-burning stove users acknowledge their stove’s positive impact on their wellbeing. 

Read about our customers’ experience with their log-burner and how it helps their wellbeing! 

Stove Pod  


For those of you inspired by this article, here is some great news! Last year Charnwood released the Charnwood Stove Pod, a complete fireplace solution designed for small space living and glamping accommodation. It’s compatible with the highly efficient Charnwood Aire 3, and the newly released Cranmore 5.  

The Charnwood Stove Pod can be placed on any hard, flat surface without the need for an additional hearth and creates a safe, protected focal point for the room. It is available in a matt black powder coat with the option to add a VLAZE vitreous enamel liner for a stylish, easy to clean finish. 

For more info check out our blog which explains the latest HETAS regulations for wood stoves in tiny home accommodation. 



Whilst the notion that a colder winter follows a hot summer isn’t necessarily supported by science, it’s smart to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. With temperature records recently broken and weather impossible to predict, who is going to bet against it being a particularly chilly winter?!

With talk of gas and electricity prices rising significantly from October, it is understandable to feel somewhat alarmed. Rather than just feeling a sense of helplessness, we will discuss some tips for how stove owners can be proactive and soften the effects of the cost-of-living crisis. After all, the trusty wood-burner helped many homeowners through the oil crisis of the 1970s, and we’ll show you why it can still be relied upon more than ever in 2022.

Read on to get some stove owner tips (for all budgets) to help prepare for the winter energy crisis.

Get winter ready now!

Whether you’ve owned a stove for several years or are still considering buying one, it makes sense to start your preparations now. During the summer months, demand for stoves and spare parts, as well as stove installers and chimney cleaning services, reduces slightly and can make the process easier and sometimes a little cheaper.

Wood-stove owner tips to prepare for winter:

Clean your chimney and service your stove

We recommend an annual service for your chimney and stove. This ensures optimum performance and safety, meaning you are burning wood efficiently/cost effectively and avoid potential (expensive) problems down the line. We recommend speaking with your local dealer or installer about organising an annual service.

For those who want to take on some of the maintenance themselves, here is an article to help you clean your stove!

Buy a great value & highly efficient stove

The Charnwood Country 4 Blu is fantastic value and a great long-term investment suitable for most homes. While the Country 4 is the smallest model in the Country collection, it still incorporates the ingenious features of the larger stoves and is exceptionally fuel efficient.

The Country 4 takes a decent sized log length of 332mm (13”) and has a rated output of 5kW and can be installed in certain situations without the need for external air – this is ideal for most sizable family rooms.

Fix up your existing stove

If you can’t afford a new stove, then the spares site could be just the solution to give your existing stove a new lease of life! We still recommend everyone upgrade to one of our new ultra-efficient stoves as soon as possible, but for those who are currently struggling financially, we hope the spares shop can help tide you over.

Heat Shields

Protect your home and benefit from redirecting your stove’s heat back into the heart of the room, further improving efficiency. Vlaze, our sister company, offer the original and best heat shields on the market. Check them out here!

Source your wood early

Demand for wood has skyrocketed recently and this may have knock-on effects. It is prudent to source your wood from a local supplier now, so that you are winter ready and avoid any potential price rises as we approach the colder months.

Reduce your fuel bill – free sources of wood for your log burner!

1. Fallen trees

After a storm, fallen trees and branches become available which, with permission, you can collect, dry out/season, and use for firewood.

2. Industrial off-cuts

Woodworkers, sawmills, and joiners near to your home are worth contacting to find out if they ever have any off-cuts of untreated wood that they need to get rid of.

3. Freecycle

People often advertise free wood on sites like Gumtree and Freecycle for those who are happy to collect it.

Wherever you source your wood from, it must be untreated and free from paint, finishes or other potentially harmful substances. Also, check wood with a moisture meter and do not burn it unless it has a moisture content of less than 20%. This reduces harmful emissions and will increase the lifespan of your stove. For a list of the best types of firewood check out our Firewood chart.

Save energy by cooking and heating at the same time

As well as heating your home you can save energy by cooking on your stove at the same time!

For some recipes, our blog has some great ideas…

Four things to cook on a stove top

If you want to take your stove cooking to the next level, keep your eyes peeled for our autumn stove release. The Charnwood Haven is a brand-new compact wood-burning cooker to celebrate Charnwood’s 50 years in business.

It has the functional charm of a rustic range cooker, but with all our clean burn technology included. It provides a 6kw output and comes equipped with a well-sized oven and large hot plate enabling you to cook with a wide array of pots, pans, and trivets. The integrated thermometer allows for greater temperature control and cooking accuracy. We are all excited by this one!

Fuel/Energy independence = Positive wellbeing!


Another significant reason to get a wood-burning stove is to protect yourself from fuel supply disruptions. Whether it is the result of a localised storm or wider national disruption, it is extremely reassuring to know that you can warm your home and cook food for the family with your trusty stove!

Here are some customer responses to our Wellbeing Survey in relation to owning a stove:

“We love our log burner. It makes us feel warm, safe and secure. It helps heat the whole house, which has proved an asset in power cuts. Nothing beats sitting in the living room with the warmth of the fire in the depths of winter.”

“Lighting the stove after a walk by the sea during winter is a joyful experience. Has helped to alleviate the worry of power failures as we live in an area prone to electricity outage during bad weather. Just knowing that we have our lovely stove for independent heat and low light is fab.”

“Back up for central heating given no of power outages,”

“As an electric only house, we wanted a plan b during a power cut to heat the home”

“more efficient than previous coal fire and, in extremis, if gas supply fails or is too expensive, will provide warmth.”

“Having a wood burner means I am less vulnerable in power cuts. I can still have heating, boil a kettle, cook food if I need to.”

The peace of mind our customers get from knowing, whatever the weather or economic or political climate, they can access fuel locally to heat their home is huge.

Click here to read about the other wellbeing benefits of owning a log burner!


We believe our products can contribute positively towards combating the environmental and cost of living challenges we face. Therefore, we are passionate about sharing ideas to be proactive and turn anxiety and uncertainty into confidence and optimism. We hope you will consider sharing this article with someone you think might benefit from reading it.